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on 13 November 2021

Contact: Send me an email Jean-Philippe HAURE Location Rumah Topeng Setia Dharma Jalan Tegal Bingin Tengkulak Tengah Kemenuh Sukawati Gianyar Bali 80512 Indonesia Phone/WA +62 (0)821 46 25 66 40‬

By Richard Horstman
Drawing with coloured pencil.


Jean-Philippe Haure’s Technique.

published on 5 October 2020

By Jean Couteau

The Art of Framing by J-Philippe

The Centuries-old European Joinery Techniques.

published on 28 July 2019

Saint Benoît sur Loire


JEAN-PHILIPPE HAURE was born in Orléans, France on 19 January 1969 to a coach­builder father and a mother who was a (...)

published on 20 July 2019

By Jean Couteau

The Art Concept Rhapsody

Jean-Philippe Haure’s spir­i­tual sub­li­ma­tion of the (...)

published on 1 February 2012

By Jean Couteau

The art concept DUALITY

J-PHILIPPE tries to go beyond all dif­fer­ences in a (...)
Duality of the real ... and beyond By Jean Couteau [6]

published on 27 February 2009

By Jean Couteau

The art concept PASSAGES

The cross­roads of abstrac­tion and fig­u­ra­tion, and of (...)
J-Phillipe’s Balinese Window to a Brotherly Soul By Jean Couteau [8]

published on 15 March 2006

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