Press review (arch.)

  • 60th anniversary of the salon of Taverny, France.

    Monday 19 September 2016

    After a long trip, Melancholia will be dis­played for the 60th anniver­sary of the salon of Taverny, France.
  • Visual Art (Indonesian)

    Monday 18 June 2012

    (KEMBALI) EKSOTIKA BALl(?) Visual Art May-June 2012, page 32 Tidak banyak hal yang baru saat kita melihat karya-karya JP Haure ten­tang Bali. Sosok perem­puan berkamen lengkap dengan bunga di sanggul kem­bali muncul di atas kanvas-kan­vasnya. Lelehan cat yang dibalurkan sedemikian rupa menam­pakkan kesan nos­talgia akan eksotika tersebut. Terlebih lagi saat kanvas-kanvas tersebut dib­ingkai dengan eloknya pahatan pepa­tran pada bingkai yang dilapisi emas (gilding). Teknik (...)
  • Poster and Catalog.

    Wednesday 1 February 2012

    The poster of the exhi­bi­tion: The poster. The cat­alog of the exhi­bi­tion: The catalog cover.
  • Press: Jakarta Globe

    Wednesday 1 February 2012

    Through painting, one French artist has dis­cov­ered a window into Balinese life Report Katrin Figge Rhapsody For the Otherness Born in a provin­cial vil­lage near Orleans in 1969, Bali-based French artist Jean-Philippe Haure never imag­ined that someday he would ven­ture to a for­eign country and wind up staying there for more than two decades. But life takes unex­pected turns, and Haure, whose paint­ings are cur­rently exhib­ited at One East Arts pace in Singapore, has put down roots in Bali. In (...)
  • The Antidote

    Monday 23 January 2012

    Art crit­i­cism runs the same risk as a movie ver­sion of a novel - it hardly ever lives up to the orig­inal. Many of today’s art critics actu­ally struggle to under­stand and inter­pret the ’Not’ so con­tem­po­rary looking art works. And yet in many cases, they are the ones viewing and having to write about them. The Western box in which artists and critics find them­selves in has made them tend to focus mainly on works that rebel against polit­ical total­i­tar­i­anism, even if the quality of the (...)
  • Press: Foreign Missions of Paris (french)

    Thursday 11 August 2011

    Un artiste français à Bali. Jean-Philippe Haure est né en 1969 à Orléans. Il vit actuelle­ment à Bali - Indonésie- avec son épouse bali­naise et ses deux enfants dans un vil­lage d’artistes où il a bâti sa maison. Il est diplômé de l’école Boulle, l’établissement parisien réputé pour ses for­ma­tions de haut niveau aux métiers d’art tels que l’ébénisterie dans laquelle Jean-Philippe excelle. C’est ainsi qu’il a tra­vaillé à la restau­ra­tion de pièces du mobilier national. J’ai pour la (...)
  • Press: The Jakarta Post

    Tuesday 10 March 2009

    Melting barriers with art and soul. Rita A. Widiadana Bali-based French artist Jean-Philippe Haure prays each day for a grateful life. Born in Orléans 40 years ago to an artisan father and a grad­uate of the pres­ti­gious art school L’Ecole Boulle in Paris, Haure could have pur­sued a flour­ishing career in France, a heaven for artists. Instead, he fol­lowed his “His calling”: Attracted to the spir­i­tu­ality of the Benedictine con­gre­ga­tion, he joined the monastery of (...)
  • Press: The Jakarta Post

    Sunday 8 March 2009

    French artist brings women’s dual lives to canvas Agustinus B. da Costa, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta Having looked at the 23 paint­ings by Bali-based French artist Jean-Phillipe Haure, one is left with mixed feel­ings, ranging from melan­cholic to proud. Duality I Most of the works depict Balinese women. They are tra­di­tional female dancers from the Abianbase vil­lage of Gianyar. Shown in sev­eral poses, some women are in beau­tiful dance cos­tumes, some others in (...)
  • Press: The Jakarta Globe

    Friday 27 February 2009

    Finding Truth in Life’s Performances Benito Lapulalan, The Jakarta Globe, Jakarta Duality VI A girl in a tra­di­tional Balinese dance outfit stares long­ingly at some­thing in the dis­tance. Around her, a cloud of red and yellow looks as if it has exploded all over the canvas. The colors remind me of a nebula, far away on the edge of a galaxy. The painting is “Du­ality IX,” cre­ated by French artist Jean-Philippe Haure in 2008, using gouache, a type of water-based paint, mixed media (...)
  • The oppening of the exhibition "DUALITY".

    Thursday 26 February 2009

    Preparations of the show­room at the D Gallery, on May 25th 2009, di Jakarta: The opening of the exhi­bi­tion "DUALITY" with Mrs Shinta Kamdani on February 26th, 2009: The exhi­bi­tion:

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