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  • Secrets revealed.

    Saturday 6 February 2010

    In this work­shop video, J-Philippe unravels his water painting tech­nique. In this demon­stra­tion he paints the first step of his par­tic­ular wash tech­nique. You will see how he lets the water work. He shows you proper uses of the liquid and pig­ments to create a real abstract com­po­si­tion with power, tex­ture and light. Water at Work
  • Profile

    Wednesday 11 March 2009

    J-PHILIPPE: Melting barriers with art and soul Rita A. Widiadana, The Jakarta Post, Denpasar,March 11, 2009. Bali-based French artist J-PHILIPPE prays each day for a grateful life. Born in Orléans 40 years ago to an artisan father and a grad­uate of the pres­ti­gious art school L’Ecole Boule in Paris, J-PHILIPPE could have pur­sued a flour­ishing career in France, a heaven for artists.Instead, he fol­lowed his “His calling”: Attracted to the spir­i­tu­ality of the Benedictine (...)
  • The art concept DUALITY

    Friday 27 February 2009

    Duality of the real ... and beyond By Jean Couteau [1] What does one see first? Sometimes it is a sort of “haze”, which draws you into an unreal world, a world of the unsaid and the unknown where dreams and emo­tions are at the fore­front. Only then do the lines defining the human char­ac­ters emerge – little by little, as your eyes rel­e­gate the “haze” to an abstract func­tion – to take on the hard appear­ance of Balinese social reality. But some­times the oppo­site hap­pens. It is the lines that (...)