If you don’t have the pos­si­bility to meet us at the J-Philippe’s Studio or at the Gallery, this is how we would like to help you to buy a J-Philippe’s art­work using this web­site.

1. Do the right choice. This web site pro­vides you an easy way to get all the ‘still avail­able’ paint­ings in one click. Use the AVAILABLE link and get in one page all the links to avail­able paint­ings.

2. Click Contact J-Philippe button at the bottom of the article. Please use the form to send an email. Don’t forget to men­tion the title of the painting and your address. This is also a place to ask any ques­tions about the painting or about the artist, and then click Send button to email to our address.

3. When we get your email, we con­tact you to con­firm it and answer your ques­tions by email too. Based upon the data sub­mitted by you, we pre­pare infor­ma­tion on cost of the order, date and other terms of delivery.

4. We send you an email con­taining infor­ma­tion on mode of pay­ment and nec­es­sary details.

5. When receipt of the spec­i­fied amount of money to our account, we send you the pur­chased art­work.

6. Then, you will be enti­tled to a 3 days inspec­tion period, when you may con­firm by email the recep­tion and accep­ta­tion of the art­work or return the pur­chased art­work, if, due to some reason, you are not con­tented with it. We shall refund your pur­chase. [1]

For the sake of prove­nance, each painting by J-Philippe is accom­pa­nied by a cer­tifi­cate of authen­ticity signed by the artist indi­cating impor­tant details con­cerning the painting such as size, media, date and com­ments by the artist.

In addi­tion on the back­side of the cer­tifi­cate is a photo of the artist together with his painting. The com­plete cer­tifi­cate is lam­i­nated for pro­tec­tion.


Author : J-Philippe・ Sunday 10 February 2008・ pas de comments